Water Can Scepter 10L Jerry Can Military 2.5gl Container - Badger Survival

Water Can Scepter 10L Jerry Can Military 2.5gl Container

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These Scepter Water Cans are of the highest quality Plastic Jerry Cans out there!
They are Original Military Spec. These hold 10L / 2.5 Gallons

High quality plastic means no more rattling, banging or denting metal cans. 

Color Blue

These Scepter Water Cans Are NOT stamped with Property of the US Goverment on them.

Scepter Military Water Can 10L  -  2.64 US gallons

New for 2018 the fill caps now have a gasket for better sealing on the can!
Manufactured to Original Military Spec and used by Military's Worldwide!
Scepter Military Water Cans are the real deal folks not cheap knock off military water cans.

Scepter’s MWCs (Military Water Cans) are BPA (Bisphenol A) free. BPA is a key building block organic ingredient in some polycarbonate and other plastic materials, but it is not an ingredient in either HDPE or LDPE, the materials used in our MWCs.

The longevity of a MWC - being plastic - is 15 years and beyond, and during that period there is no risk of plastic leaching into the water. In principle, the water can should be for transport and short term storage.

Keeping in mind temperature when storing will have an impact on the longevity of a clean water supply.

10 Liter - 2.64 US gallons
Height:  11.8”   Length - 13.6”   Width - 6.6”

Weight:  3.23 lbs